Recently, I received a phone call from my friend, Gary, who lives in the magnificent state of Minnesota.  He asked if he could commission me to hand letter these Scripture verses, Colossians 3:12-17, for his wife, Melissa, in honor of their fifth wedding anniversary.  These were their chosen verses for their wedding, which represent part of the strength and bond of their loving commitment to one another.  I had the honor of attending their wedding ceremony and witnessing, along with all in attendance, their vows to one another before the Lord.  For me, it was a moving experience and a testament to their purposeful choice to live and love in vital union with the Lord Jesus.  Their choice to be guided by the Word of God in their relationship with one another has given them the strongest foundation. 

Melissa and I, at one time, worked side by side in one of those "big box" stores, slinging paint buckets, stocking shelves, and recommending color combinations, while offering a smile and support to those grass-roots do-it-yourself home decorators.  Her enthusiasm, cheerful spirit, peaceful people skills, intellect and sense of humor made the days fly by and the hard work, equally fun.  Gary and Melissa have "come to my rescue" numerous times and both seem to have a gift of caring and helping.  Their energy and talents challenge me and I am thankful to call them my friends. 

Gary and Melissa, may your love for one another deepen and be ever new in the years to come.  Happy anniversary to you.

I also had the privilege and commission of hand lettering a passage from the Song of Solomon as a gift for a wedding that took place in the upper north west this past summer.   Grant, who introduced me to the challenging world of salt water aquariums, and his gentle wife, Nancy, who inspires with her gift of creative writing, invited me to create a piece for Nancy's brother's wedding.  Nancy read the passage at the wedding and the newlyweds have already matted and framed the artwork (beautifully, I might add).  It meant a lot to me to be able to share in their joy.

Congratulations, Matt and Anna.  May your commitment be blessed and enriched by the Lord.

Aurora, by definition, means new beginnings.  Each moment of our lives offers the hope of renewal and a fresh start.  We live in interesting times.  True change, I believe, occurs in the heart and mind of an individual.  Legislation, information, discipline, affirmation all may have their place, but change will come to be when truth is internalized and faith is exercised by an individual.  This is the point of my focus, for when the heart is right and at peace there is true transformation.   Jesus said, "You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

My goal is to feature new pieces of art on this home page, while previous pieces and enlargements can be viewed in the portfolio section.  I will send notice when new pieces are ready to be viewed.  If you happen to have stumbled onto this site and would like to have your e-mail added to the mailing list, please let me know.  I am honored that you are here and hope that you will often find some respite as you visit this site in the future.

Much joy to you, 
Amy L. Cline.