These days, I am enjoying finally hand lettering some of those pieces that I have wanted to do for a long time.  I am willing to consider commissions, but reserve the right to decline any potential project.  Please e-mail or call to discuss possibilities.  I'm always willing to talk about a potential project.  

The reproductions that are being offered on this site are giclees that are printed for me by Arizona Lithographers. "Giclee" is a French word meaning "squirt".  It was originally used to indicate the ink jet computer printing process.  I believe that today it is more broadly used to indicate a high resolution digital replica.  The art pieces represented on this site are printed onto heavy, archival quality 100% cotton rag, using archival quality inks that are projected to last up to 150 years.  These are not limited edition prints. 

Some originals are available, if indicated.  I appreciate your interest.

Some past and present clients/commissions include:

The National Collegiate Athletic Association
The Northmoor Country Club, Highland Park, Illinois
The Free Methodist World Headquarters
Grace College, Winona Lake, Indiana
Steven Fry Ministries
Nancy Honeytree, Songwriter, Singer
The Presidential Prayer Team
North Slope Elk Farm, Liberty, Missouri
Jeanne's Lamp, Liberty, Missouri
The Anne Frank Traveling Exhibit Brochure, Kansas City, Missouri
Grace Brethren International Missions, Winona Lake, Indiana