Many people have asked me, "Where did you learn to do calligraphy?"  Frankly, I am still learning.  My answer though, is three-fold.  It is a God-given gift, it is the result of innumberable hours of practice, and I have had the privilege of many wonderful teachers.  I am grateful to the Lord for giving me such a challenging gift that I am able to continually develop and refine.  Each piece is a new opportunity to push beyond the artistic borders of where I have been. 

In my life, I stand amazed at the blessed heritage I have known.  My life has been filled with individuals who have inspired, encouraged, included, and taught me.  I am thankful to each of them.  Each has played a significant part in molding me into who I am:  

My parents, Cecil and Clair Stice, who instilled in me a sense of "don't buy it, rather, do it yourself".  Dad is an inventor and an artistic craftsman and excelled in his livelihood of tool and die making.  Mom always says that she is good at coming up with ideas.  She poured her artistic skills into creating a pleasant and beautiful home.  They are both songwriters and musicians.  Where do I begin to say thank you to two loving parents?  My husband Rob, who as an architectural engineer and computer programmer, has taught me much.  My children, Rob, Jr., Cara, and Hamilton,  each of them artistic in their own right, help and challenge me continually.  Ricky and Victoria, for loving my children.  My grandchildren, for giving me joy.  My dear friend, Birdie.  "Grandma" Anna Machan, who prayed for me almost every day of my life.  Several elementary school teachers, who often asked me to make their bulletin board decorations for them.  Ida Galbreath, who faithfully taught me the German language for four years in High School and treated me as an individual, not just another student.  Ibba Glaske, who introduced me to hand lettering with a brush and allowed me to assist her in her artistic ministry.  Don Glaske, for giving us a forum and a love for the Word of God.  Ron and Becky Jarvis, for seeing potential in me.   Karen Mason, for her friendship.  Jean Coverstone, for making art history fun and for being such a loving person.  Art Davis, for opening my eyes to color and for teaching me to draw (something I thought that I would never be able to do) and for holding me to an incredibly high standard of excellence.  Terry Julien, for teaching me to paint with oils.  Dutch Mullett, for teaching me the art of fine sign painting.  John Bauman, for showing me that one really can make a living doing art.  Kathy Naus, for being my friend.  Phil and Nancy Gegner, for their personal, faithful love and friendship to me and for so smoothly melding art and a vital relationship with Jesus.  David B. Johnson, for mentoring me, for freely exercising his artistic gifts and living out his love for the Lord.  Jeanne Johnson, for including me and caring.  Jack Ventimiglia, for encouraging and challenging me to improve my creative writing skills.  David McClain, for his friendship and example of diligence in art.  Shawn Love, for his unquenchable artistic spirit and for his indescribable impact on our entire family.  Valerie Love, for allowing Shawn to exercise his gifts.  Joe Lethert, for listening, giving guidance and not making me feel like a fool.   Mark Duggan, for taking a chance on me and giving me employment and an opportunity to learn about the world of fine art framing. The business owners of Liberty, Missouri, who provided me with and actually paid me for artistically challenging projects.   Scot and Meagan Gillan, for their support and for making me feel welcome.  Jed Hollenbach, for faithfully stirring up the gift of God that lies within him.   (A fellow artist once said to me that "a true artist does art".)

I have been richly blest by the Lord, because I have had these people in my life.
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